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May 17, 2005



Great post - I hope it catches on. Maybe you should send this link to bike shop owners. As a surfer, i haven't encountered too many surf blogs. I would love to have one to steadily turn to. I agree with you and believe blogs are a wave of the future. It would be nice to turn to blogs for information just as we turn to their Web sites. The great difference with blogs is that we get the real low down - with no spin.

btw, thanks for the post!


This post is spot on! I have a great bike shop that doesn't even have a website (much less a blog)! When will these guys get a clue?


Hello, a great post on a nice topic . Good argumentation that can work for a lot of smaller businesses.


Does Sheldon Brown/Harris Cyclery count? It's not really a 'blog' blog but it does get updated frequently and is chock full of good info, unlike my blog.

Jonathan Maus

Sheldon Brown would make a great blogger. As to whether or not his site is a blog...I guess it is but it lacks the typical format and functionalities people usually associate with them. It would be very cool to be able subscribe to various feeds of info on his site, that's for sure.


Have you not come across www.velorution.biz?

Jonathan Maus

Yes, I've definitely come across Velorution.biz. It's a great blog. I noticed their online store isn't quite up yet but I'll stay tuned to see how/if they integrate that with their blog. Thanks for the comment.


dirty old man 4

Carl Martens

I was hoping you might look over my site (Wordpress blog) and offer some suggestions. I am a new bike shop just starting up...hopefully launching late July or early August. Let me know what you think of the blog...I mean web site. Thanks!

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