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May 25, 2005


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy

Car vs bike; I've been in that equation literally and figuratively too many times it seems.

There was a period of 6-7 years where I didn't have a license because I was totally committed to riding my bike. For training and economic reasons, I didn't need or want a car. Sadly, the year I bought a car again is the year my racing went straight down the crapper and the body fat started climbing.

Professionally speaking, it is a real tough issue. Look at race and team sponsorships, just as you say, lots of automakers involved. I just keep waiting for a cigarette maker to sponsor a pro team or event (if it hasn't already happened). Hey, look at all the alcohol sponsors out there. Even Krystal, the maker of the diminutive square hamburger, sponsors a pro/am team. Once Krispy Kreme steps up, I'm out of retirement.

The cycling industry is hamstrung by a lack of money and not too many wealthy benefactors. It would be great to believe we could simply turn our backs on the companies that don't fit into our advocacy beliefs (and admittedly, some people do), but that would limit an already tiny pool of potential monetary contributors. What's that race in Georgia called? Oh, yeah, the Dodge Tour de Georgia. Great race and a great stage for American cycling in this country. I'd be willing to bet that without Dodge's money, it wouldn't exist.

As for Messenger chic... I love courier bags! I probably have 5 or 6 of them, to my wife's chagrin.

Tim Jackson
Brand Manager
Masi Bicycles


I guess those messengers don't get a chance to read the NYT too much, since this ad campaign has been around for months.

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