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July 06, 2005



I've made a similar request of the folks at Interbike. Should I get my creds, I'm planning on being in Vegas in September as well.

Keep us posted! I'll do the same.


This could be like the glory days of Web sites, or not...the first year or two anyone with a Web site and a business card got media credentials, then they started vetting professional versus hobby sites.

I think you will need to show that you are a full-time blogger and not just dabbling or using it for marketing purposes...not that there is anything wrong with that.

However, Big Jonny at DC has had media credentials, so there's that...

Jonathan Maus

Good points. I think they should figure out some sort of specific requirements for bloggers...and being full-time should not be a requisite. It should be based on credibility and authority of the blog and the blog's subject matter.

It's interesting that Big Jonny has been credentialed. It doesn't seem like he posts too much industry or product information on DC. But there's not denying his traffic and influence that's for sure.

Donna Tocci

Hey there;
Just got my Interbike press list and you are on it!

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