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July 19, 2005


Richard Masoner

You ask "Why does the SGMA call mountain biking an extreme sport?" I guess the same question can be asked about the other activities that are ranked. Inline skating is number one, but how extreme is that? Ditto for wall climbing and even wakeboarding. Perhaps I'm jaded because I live near the outdoor activity capital of Boulder, CO.

I too am dubious about wallclimbing having more participants than mountain biking.

Brad Barron

I would have to say take a look at aritificial wall climbing before you say it isnt outdoing mountain biking. If they are basing it on numbers gleaned from people in and out of stores buying bikes vs buying a day at a climbing gym, I'd say theres easily more people climbing. There arent mountain bike birthday parties filled with seven year old kids like there are at local climbing gyms. I was a competitive rock climber for years before getting into cycling and I'd argue that rock climbing mayb well be bigger as a casual Saturday or Sunday afternoon activity.

tasteless humor (but apropo)

What's the hardest thing about Rollerblading?


Having to tell your parents you're gay.

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