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July 01, 2005


Tim Jackson- Masiguy

Well, I don't know if we could have had a much more interesting opening to the Tour.

Every year we get the same non-cycling pundits saying that the race is boring or that cycling is not a "real" sport. Snide remarks are tossed out about doping scandals and tainted athletes.

Really, the doping issue is rampant and pervasive in all of sport. Anybody who thinks for one second that people are not doping in baseball, football, basketball, soccer and other major sports is seriously out of their minds. Any sport that has either fame or fortune to be gained and lost will have the problem of doping to deal with.

As for the credible talents of cycling athletes, it is hard to suggest that an athlete who competes for three weeks straight with only 2 days of rest is not a "real" athlete.

Boring? Well, admittedly it is hard for people to follow the action of a 5+ hour stage and not lose interest from time to time as the action ebbs and flows. However, in the hour long condensed coverage offered in the US, it's hard to find the racing "boring".

Clearly I have a bias as a cycling fan and competitor myself, but I think that what we see every year from the naysayers of the mainstream press is a matter of ignorance and an attempt to rile-up the lycra wearing public. In the end, the race deals out whatever it does and the fans ultimately get what they want- whether their guy wins or not.

Tim Jackson
Brand Manager
Masi Bicycles

eric matthies

"... and make it more interesting:
Make the mountains count
Lose the dope … and the race radios
Ban the French
Lance must lose"

How about, the mountains do count for starters. Always have Billy-boy.

Put the race radio feeds on the web or better yet, on the tv broadcast - at the very least as an audio track option on the DVD.

Ban the Omerta.

Lance must be (is being) challenged. He must fight for it, so to speak.

I'm sure Mr. Gifford is not tuning in, but it's been a hell of a Tour so far.

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