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August 01, 2005


Michael Browne

Nick Martin emailed me a couple weeks ago, informing me of his new blog that documents his first race season.

He's the first I've heard of to do so: http://www.ridewithnickmartin.blogspot.com/

Richard Masoner

One blog I used to follow was that of local mountain biker Tonya">http://www.mtbchick.com/tonya.html">Tonya Laffey. She never understood the medium or took full advantage of it and has recently gone back to an online journal *yawn* because of problems with spam. Like you, I wish more professional cyclists would "get it."

Nick Martin

Hey Jon,
Check out my site... I think this is what your talking about in your article... I just started it's develpement but have been calling in with voice updates etc... I think you will find it entertaining, but it is a documentary of a first year pro, quiting my job and chasing the dream. Let me know what you think and maybe a link on your site?!? Best of Rides

Jonathan Maus

Hey Nick:
You're doing a great job so far. My only bit of advice would be include more outbound links in your posts. This provides value to your readers, gives you a way to connect and get noticed by other bloggers (they'll see you as a referring URL in their logs) and it will help your site's search engine ranking.

I was glad to notice you getting in touch with Jeff Kerkove.

Keep up the good work and good luck this season.

Jeff Kerkove

Hey guys!
Thanks for the mention on the blog. I am glad you took notice. The blog is a great tool for me: good for exposure, good for something to do other than riding, helps out other riders.

Like most of the people that swing by the blog, I was always looking for information on how to perform better. People coming to my blog can get real life info from just a regular guy. That's all I look at myself as. Nothing special here. I like to ride. Share my info. And hope to influence others to do the same.

It's also great for the sponsors. I am lucky and have sponsors whom I take great pride in their products. If it works great I'll praise it. If it is not up to my expectations you will hear about it on the blog. I am not going to lie about product. This all goes back to the Blue Collar Blog and their views on product reviews.

Thanks for sending traffic my way!!

Thanks guys!!! Feel free to contact me if needed.

marc vettori

Really nice peice. I think the blog part of cycling digs even deeper. Cycling is such a passion, has so much culture. I think Blogs help folks connect to that even more. It's not even always about pros, although pro blogs are great, Todd Well's had the first one that I got hooked on, but also allows "just some dude from where ever..." to share his passion, experiences, with the world. Through cycling blogs I have a whole web of folks I have met, and who I follow. Static web site are really taking a hit to a frequently updated cycling blog.



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