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August 15, 2005


Yogi Da Bear

All I can say is this: It's an up-hill battle in getting most companies to open up to blogging. Tech firms see the benefit because their customers are on the cutting edge and dragging their vendors there with them. The bicycle industry isn't exactly burning new trails in technology, but it is interesting that at least some IBDs are starting to make some noise. Good for them! I expect to see more and more activity in the blogosphere as customers and IBDs catch on that it's a great way to communicate and learn. Don't be surprised to see the Bicycle manufacturers to follow suit.

Tim Jackson- Masiguy

What am I chopped liver?

Some of us bike manufacturers are already in full flight in the blogosphere. More of us are coming in too- VooDoo recently joined and there are others. Several more are thinking of joining in. The community is growing... and many more are listening to what is happening, even if they aren't maintaining a blog of their own.

One big happy family!

The industry is beginning to understand the potential of a greater presence on the internet, whether through websites or blog sites. The consumer for bicycles is becoming much more tech savvy than you might think and typically does a lot of brand research over the internet before making a purchase. Anectdotal as it may be, I know that my brand has benefitted from the blog site I maintain, if for no other reason than it shows up in a Google search and people see it frequently when researching the brand.

The cycling blogosphere is going to get more crowded in the near future and I am looking forward to the company.

Tim Jackson
Brand Manager
Masi Bicycles

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