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August 10, 2005



I guess implicit in the easy-signup feed buttons is the basic requirement for an RSS feed. I still run across plenty of blogs that don't even have this.

MSN Spaces blogs require MSN .NET Passport registration to log comments. Bad bad bad.

Nick Douglas

Great list. But one item bothers me - when have you found intuitive URLs important? I blog heavily, read heavily, and link heavily, but I can't recall ever needing to manually type a post URL, or liking or hating a certain URL format.

Kyle and Jeremy are working on several of your items for Blogebrity. We just opened up commenting, we run polls, and we're launching a redesign later this year.

Jonathan Maus

I listed intuitive URLs because I'm a big fan of Flickr. They've got great URLs that make sense and act like a built-in, bread crumb system. Just by looking at the URL I can tell where I'm at in the bigger picture.

I also think good URLs are more helpful to advanced users who actually look at them before clicking.

Lastly, good URLs are helpful in search results because the title of the post is often including in them.

Thanks for your comment.

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