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August 03, 2005



ah the cruiser....
the original single speed

I love the cruiser
it is really the most sensible bike for most riders
so many novice riders do not switch gears
so many novice riders move down the road in the wrong gear (either too hard or too easy)
so many novice riders will just walk it up the hill instead of using the granny gear

I think that the low end market needs to do the consumer a favor and remove the bike that looks like a dual suspension bike from the market place at all
instead of selling these people a heavy bike that looks like a mountainbike
get back to basics
make it light, strong, and durable
simple frame
whether single speed or geared
there is no need for something that looks like a shock and offers no cushion

these people are shopping by price

give them a better option at their price point

just my thought on this issue


Cruisers, especially cool cruisers like Electra, are our best hope of getting non cyclists on bikes. Most paved bike paths are flat, therefore single or 3 speed cruisers are more than adequate. Drop bars, narrow wheels and skinny seats have turned off the casual cyclist. Weight of the bike isn't an issue to the consumer who wants simplicity, stability and style. And what bike is the enthusiast riding when out with the family? A cruiser with an attitude is often the choice.

Jonathan Maus

Thanks for your input.

I respectfully disagree with your opinion. There is a diverse range of biking conditions around the country and not all of them are great for cruisers. I also never said the drop bars, narrow wheels and skinny seats where the answer.

Here in Portland, OR, which probably has more people biking than anywhere else, I rarely see families and commuters with beach cruisers. Who would want to pull a kid and a trailer with a heavy, fat-tired cruiser?

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