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August 23, 2005


Jeff Kerkove

I was not there, but from what I have read and heard on the 'net and personal sources. It was kind of a "dropped pass" if ya know what I mean.

Tim Jackson- Masiguy

Was it my imagination, or did Jeff's post originally read "dropped ass"? A lot funnier that way...

I am just curious as to how long they, or anybody, can do this type of thing. I have serious reservations about it in the long term. Hey, if I could afford it, I'd like to be able to cater to my larger dealers and bring them to me just so I can have them on my home turf, where I am most comfortable and where I can play gracious host. Is it really that effective though and are they running the risk of alienating the smaller dealers or prospective ones? I guess when you are the very biggest fish in the pond, you get to do whatever you like.

Tim Jackson
Brand Manager
Masi Bicycles

Jonathan Maus

you said: "I guess when you are the very biggest fish in the pond, you get to do whatever you like."

I get the feeling that Trek is getting closer and closer to the precipice of being too big for their own good. Bottom line is they can't do whatever they'd like. They must listen to the market and make decisions that put them in good standing with their customers.

With size and success comes an extreme amount of scrutiny and pressure. It also makes them a target to a certain extent. Just look what recently happened to Dell (another big fish) from a single influential blogger.

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Maybe the show was too big to have a huge set of program.

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