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September 20, 2005


Tim Grahl

Stay with it Jon. It'll be worth it in the long haul.

Tim Jackson- Masiguy

I'd make a longwinded comment in support, but I'm at warp-factor 9 freak-out getting ready for Interbike and recovering from the trip to Montreal.

It'll work out and the support is here.

Gotta' run...

Tim Jackson
Brand Manager
Masi Bicycles

Donna Tocci

Remember to breathe....it will all get done in due time.
Can't wait to see who the new contributor is!
See you in Vegas - bring photos of the new cutie, too!

James Thomas

Recently, I was excited to first discover your blog. I hope you keep it up because you provide a lot of great information for those of us interested in the bicycle industry.

Thanks for the work so far,


Guitar Ted

I've got a family, ( two children ages 4 and a half and 2 years) and I hear you on the family front! Well worth dropping anything else that gets in your way to see that twinkle in the little girls eye! I respect your choices and I also want to encourage you to keep bringing on the insight and information that we all find so interesting and helpful whenever you can! Thanks!

Jonathan Maus

Ahhh shucks...you guys are too kind. Thanks though, for your nice comments, I appreciate hearing from all of you.

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