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September 07, 2005


Michael Nover

Here at Mountain Cycle, we have officially thrown the idea of model years. I pressed my guys for several months to come up with one compelling reason to keep them, and no one could.
Tim: cut the cord!

The only ones who benefit from model years are the closeout specialists and (arguably) the consumers who buy them. But I would say in the long run consumers want new and better products and benefit more by an industry that is healthy and not bled dry by discounting.

No model tears doesn't seem to have held Santa Cruz back. They make models as long as there is demand and introduce new ones when they are ready.

When it really comes down to it, why do car companies really need model years? I would say financing and valuation issues are probably legitimate, but that's about it.

Tim Jackson- Masiguy


Sitting in my hotel room in Montreal, watching the rain come down so I can't go for a ride.

I agree with your comments and that is the reasoning behind our thinking. It is obviously nice to read that Mountain Cycle has made the switch without any negative fall-out.

It has been our thinking that bikes should come to market when ready and rolling changes should be smooth and seamless, hopefully making life easier for shops.

Deep discounts, though a momentary boon for the consumer, are bad for the industry in my opinion. If the industry hopes to remain healthy (or just get healthy), then there needs to be a way for us all to make a profit. The consumer will benefit from greater innovation, more healthy competition between brands and better regular pricing throughout the year.

Tim Jackson
Brand Mnager
Masi Bicycles

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