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September 09, 2005



re: bikeparks/freeriding

told ya so ;)

-ska todd


Good post Jonathan. I still haven't got trackbacks working but I did post a similar item on my website this morning.

I'm particularly interested about your comments about the 29" bikes. Is the market for them really that big? Since I'm not exactly in the heart of xc land, they're not something I'm particularly familiar with. Are more manufacturers starting to come on board with these things?

I agree with your thoughts about bike parks -- it seems like every mountain in BC with a chairlift is trying to put in mountain bike runs to diversify revenue streams. I overheard (and keep in mind that this is hearsay) that Intrawest (the company behind Whistler Bike Park) expects overall revenues in the summer (this includes hiking, horseback riding, ATVs, AND mountain biking) to overtake those of skiing by something like 2008.

Guitar Ted

Well, I think the tide may be turning a little bit on the 29"er scene. Remember; however, that Europe, and much of the rest of the world, (with the possible exception of Japan, of all places!)has not got a clue to what a 29"er is about. For that reason, I don't see the "big brands" coming on-line with a 29"er until at least Europe starts to get interested. 29"ers barely made a dent at the recent Eurobike show in Germany, for instance.

Jonathan Maus

The market for 29ers is big and fertile. XC guys haven't had much to get excited about for a long time...and because of that, more and more suppliers are coming on board with them. It's still a "niche" thing, but the vibe and buzz is growing by the day. I also think that as endurance events grow, so will the main market base for 29ers. They are already the #1 choice for that scene. They're also big on the SS scene, which is growing as well.

I hear what you're saying, but I'm not so sure if Europe will lead the way on this one. There's no denying the groundswell buzz about them here in the states. Another important distinction is that the custom, small builder scene (which is driving much of the good buzz) is well-established and quite influential here in the U.S.

John Satory

I think that high-end road market is hot along with multi-sport. A strong factor is the demographic of this consumer (which does not mirror the free-ride and 29'er consumer).

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