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September 19, 2005


Industry Veteran

WOW! Thats about the most progressive thing I have see Interbike do in years!

eric matthies

Podcasts? Regular web updates throughout the day? Anyone who's taking that kind of blog-vantage should be watched, avidly. A digression- how difficult would it be to wifi the pits at races?
This is a great chance for the bigwigs of cycling to witness the force of the new, user empowered net right at thier own tradeshow.

George (Donut Guy)

Podcasts live to hard drive at Interbike?

That would be way cool. If anyone knows of any, please point me to them.....



At Outdoor Retailer and the SnowSports Industries of America trade show we send out daily email updates from the show floor. The folks with PDAs and Blackberries love them, but the effort seems to be lost on all others. We're still working on the podcasting bit... I'd be interested in seeing someone try it at Interbike.

Jonathan Maus

I'll keep my eyes and ears open for podcasts at Interbike. There's bound to someone doing it. The guys at Cycling Insight did some great podcasts during the Tour..wonder if they're going?


missed Interbike by a few days...
did not bring the laptop...
cell phone and blackberry were almost too much technology
the cell was used pretty much like a walkie talkie

the gathering sounds like a blast

have not read the full story of the ride with Lance, yet
that too sounds like a great gathering

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