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November 27, 2005


Tim Jackson- Masiguy


I think I can speak for a bunch of the regulars here and say that your return will be much welcome and I/we wish you the best with your other projects.

I too hope that people will take the time to dig through the archives and follow the dialogs that have taken place. There really is a lot of great information and ideas.

We'll be talking to you again. I know it.

Tim Jackson- Masiguy

Guitar Ted

Ditto Tim's post. You'll be missed until you should decide to come back.

Mike Geraci

Better to burn out, than to fade away...but how am I going to promote Kona's new blog:

Sweet. Good luck with everything, Jonathan


the blog comes and goes for me
I am compulsive about it
now things have become very photo rich for me
vital to switch it up
as I know I tend to repeat myself

good luck with your new direction


I just caught wind of this announcement. Bummer to hear your leaving the blogosphere (hopefully only temporarily), but either way – you had a great run. You put together quite a good blog, as noted by BusinessWeek once! Take care Jonathan.

Jonathan Maus

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